"I've lived in Humboldt County on and off for 30 years. For the past 19 years I've been location scouting and managing in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Living and working in this spectacular environment is a privilege and an adventure...everyday!" 

Patti Stammer

Humboldt Grove County Park

Green is our color!


Discover the real California North...giant redwoods, pristine beaches, wild rivers, amazing car roads, farm and ranchlands, bridges, Victorian era to ultra modern architectural treasures, Carolina woodlands, Ireland and Scotland look-a-likes,
and unique small towns. In our diverse communities we also offer, microbreweries, locally produced wines,  excellent lodging, and fabulous restaurants.


Humboldt has an incredible variety of locations within 45 miles to the north,
south and east of Eureka that allow production companies to maximize time
and resources to accommodate a full feature, print, or the smallest Indy budget.


Our ever increasing crew base is here to serve you. We are a film friendly  community in more ways than one...we are here to welcome you. In addition to
CFC state permits, we are able to offer quick turn county and city permits to incredible forests, beaches and roads. Our local permitting agencies allow production companies multiple location choices in a single day and flexibility
with times, days, and locations.


ScoutHumboldt also provides production services: Private property location listing, crew recommendations, file pulls, bid assistance, lodging, and catering information.


Come to California North and prepare to be amazed...